The Wire: Emily Bick presents Adventures In Sound And Music

The 26 May edition of The Wire’s weekly show on Resonance FM featured tracks by Model Home, Anna Butterss, Editirix, Carl Stone, Madalyn Merkey, and more.

Barre Phillips, Gerhard Hermann, Fredrich Gulda, Leszek Zadio
from It’s Up To You
(Play Loud!)

Model Home featuring Michael R Bernstein
From Saturn In The Basement

Carl Stone
From Wat Dong Moon Lek
(Unseen Worlds)

The Cat’s Miaow
“What Time Is It There”
From Songs 94-98
(World Of Echo)

Mikko Tillander
For the Nokia 3320
(Ringtone Bangers And More)

Wild Up
“Stay On It”
From Julius Eastman Vol 2: Joy Boy
(New Amsterdam)

Madalyn Merkey
From Puzzle Music

Antonio Vivaldi
For the Samsung Behold II
(Ringtone Bangers + More)

Art D’Ecco
“Midlife Crisis”
From After The Head Rush
(Paper Bag)

Anna Butterss
“Doo Wop”
From Activities

Ensemble 0
“Musica Ricercata – III Allegro Con Spirito (György Ligeti)”
From Musica Nuvolosa

Sissy featuing Radie Peat
“Sail And Rail”

Jerry Hunt
“Talk (Slice): Double”
From Ground: Five Mechanic Convention Streams
(Blank Forms)

DJ Tonkatsu

Maria Elena And The Twilights
From Trashcan Records Vol 3: The Devil’s Pad
(Stag-O-Lee/Trashcan Records)

Anders Edenroth / The Real Group
“Whistling Wizard”
For the LG G2
(Ringtone Bangers + More)

Master Boot Record
From Personal Computer
(Metal Blade)

Mr Big Mouse featuring Karen Finley
“Drop That Ghetto Blaster”
From Rare SSR Electronica 1989-91

Swordman Kitala
“Jangle Fever”
From blue forty-four
(Blue Tapes)

“Editrix Goes To Hell”
From Editrix II: Editrix Goes To Hell
(Exploding In Sound)

For the LG S5100
(Ringtone Bangers + More)

From This Meaning Today
(Mille Plateaux)

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