The Wire: Joseph Stannard presents Adventures In Sound And Music

The 27 January edition of The Wire’s weekly radio show on Resonance 104.4FM featured tracks by Broadcast, Voivod, Model Home, Iceboy Violet, Dani Lee Pearce, and more.

Franck Vigroux
“Swinging Total”
From Total

Iceboy Violet featuring Blackhaine, Daemon & Orlandor
From The Vanity Project
(2 B REAL)

From Maida Vale Sessions

Grand Wizard
“Nosaj Of New Kingdom & V8 TFD”
From Acid Is Groovy Kill The Pigz

From Synchro Anarchy
(Century Media)

Ben Salisbury & Geoff Barrow
“Song Of The Otherworld”
From Archive 81 OST

“Blood-Brain Barrier”
From Simulations Of Self

“The Crone”
From The Crone

King Kashmere
From Woof
(High Focus)

Dani Lee Pearce
“Jennifer Wife Of Jiminy Christmas”
From Spider Mountain

Ale Hop
“Latitud 0”
From Why Is It They Say A City Like Any City?

George Duke
“Floop De Loop”
From The Aura Will Prevail

Kelli Frances Corrado
“Revenge Of The Shepherdess”
From Tuff Feathers

Model Home
“3D Printed Quinoa”
From Both Feet En Th Infinite
(Don Giovanni)

“De Druif”
From Of Feathers And Bones

Elton Dean Quartet
From They All Be On This Old Road

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