The Wire: James Gormley presents Adventures In Sound And Music

The 15 September edition of The Wire’s weekly radio show on Resonance Fm and Resonance Extra featured new music by patten, RA Washington & Jah Nada, Lucrecia Dalt, Trevor Mathison, and more.

Tamara Stefanovich, Christopher Dell, Christian Lillinger, Jonas Westergaard
“Beograd II”
From Stefanovich, Dell, Lillinger, Westergaard: SDLW
(bastille musique)

Earth Room
“Sound On Sound – Bass Clarinet”
From Earth Room
(Related States)

CC Sorensen
“White As Green”
From Phantom Rooms
(Mappa Editions)

“555” (Radio Edit)
From No Rivers Here
(Byrd Out)

Jessica Pavone, Lukas Koenig, Matt Mottel
“Spam Likely”
From Spam Likely

RA Washington & Jah Nada
“Bobbi Lynn”
From In Search Of Our Father’s Gardens
(Astral Spirits)

Laila Sakini
“The Light That Flickers In The Mirror”
From Paloma
(Modern Love)

Lucrecia Dalt
“La Desmesura”
From ¡Ay!
(RVNG Intl)

Trevor Mathison
From From Signal To Decay: Volume 2

“Unexplained Sky Burners”
From Unexplained Sky Burners
(Peak Oil)

“Never Could”
From Desire Path

“Wheel Of Stagnation”
From Counterfeit Fire
(Rapid Eye)

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