WIRE: Joseph Stannard presents Adventures In Sound And Music

The 17 June edition of The Wire’s weekly show on Resonance FM featured tracks by Archie Shepp, Juliana Hatfield, Jack O’ The Clock, Jason Nazary, Van Der Graaf Generator and more

Jack O’ The Clock
From Leaving California

“Abduction 2”
From Fried Barry OST
(Ship To Shore PhonoCo)

Juliana Hatfield
“Dead Weight”
From Blood
(American Laundromat)

Jason Nazary
Slow Bell Jawn B
From Spring Collection
(We Jazz)

From We Will Never Die

King Buffalo
From The Burden Of Restlessness

Those Wetterhus
From Stålslått

From Rupt & Flex (1994–96)

Van Der Graaf Generator
From The Aerosol Grey Machine

Jack Dupon
From La République Dominicale Du Zoo
(La Boîte À Malice/Degelite)

Wadada Leo Smith & Milford Graves
Celebration Rhythms
From Sacred Ceremonies

“Waiting For The Lie”
From Day And Age

Christopher Young
“Fervent Supplicants”
From The Empty Man OST

Wayne Horvitz
“Conjunction For CB”
From Dinner At Eight

Neil Finn
From Dizzy Heights

Archie Shepp Meets Kahil El’zabar’s Ritual Trio
“Conversations 2: The Dialogue”
From Conversations
(Black Sweat)

By Joseph Stannard

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