The Wire: Joseph Stannard presents Adventures In Sound And Music

In der Ausgabe vom 19. Mai der wöchentlichen Sendung von The Wire auf Resonance FM und Resonance Extra gab es Tracks von Billy Woods, Gav & Jord, Valentina Magaletti, Quelle Chris, Marcia Bassett, Helena Celle und anderen.

Surface Of The Earth
From Surface Of The Earth
(Thin Wrist)

“Credence (Ash In The Winds Of Reason)”
From Fault Lines
(Tin Angel)

“An Unreasonable Amount Of Radioactivity”
From The Nuclear Laundry

“Sombre Ruin”
From Ex Oblivion
(Season Of Mist)

Helena Celle
“Magic Dance (Obtuse Angle Mix)”
From Endless Waltz

Laura Cannell
“Through Barley Fields And Hollows”
From Unlocking Rituals

“Charge Of The Liechtenstein Guard”
From The Pentaverate OST

Quelle Chris
“The Agency Of The Future”
From Deathfame
(Mello Music Group)

“Presence Ultra”
From Psyops
(Solar Body)

Gav & Jord
“Pig Pilot”
From Writings Ov Tomato

“Strongest Of The Strong”
From Hate Über Alles
(Nuclear Blast)

Julie Tippetts & Martin Archer
“Illusion – Circle Of Whispers”
From Illusion

Valentina Magaletti
“The Narrower Frame”
From Hallow Ground Presents Epiphanies
(Hallow Ground)

700 Bliss
From Nothing To Declare

“Linha Vermelha”
From The Assurance Compilation
(The Assurance Project)

Idaho Joe
“Sirening Tidepools I”
From Sirening Tidepools
(Psychic Sounds)

Ruaridh Law
From A Sea Of Cogs

billy woods featuring Boldy James & Gabe Nandez
From Aethiopes
(Backwoodz Studioz)

Marcia Bassett
From Midnight Xpander

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