The Wire: Joseph Stannard presents Adventures In Sound And Music

The 14 July edition of The Wire’s weekly show on Resonance FM featured tracks by SB The Moor, Emeka Ogboh, Tanya Tagaq, Duet Emmo, Niton, and more.

Tanya Tagaq
“Tongues (Backxwash Remix)”
From Tongues North Star Remixes
(Six Shooter)

SB The Moor
“In Babylon!”
From In Babylon!
(Ruby Yacht)

Duet Emmo
“Hill Of Men”
From Or So It Seems

Righteous Fool
“Heavy Is The Head”
From Righteous Fool

“Get Out Of My House”
From Ache
(Ectopic Ents)

Imperial Triumphant
“Maximalist Scream”
From Spirit Of Ecstasy
(Century Media)

Lard Free
“Petit Tripoux Du Matin”
From Unnamed

Richie Culver
“Comfort Zone”
From Post Traumatic Fantasy

Abaddon Incarnate
From The Wretched Sermon
(Transcending Obscurity)

Drew Mulholland
“We Follow The Channels”
From My Life With The Imber Goat Cult (1911–1913)

Emeka Ogboh
“No Counterfeit”
From 6°30′33.372″N 3°22′0.66″E

Dez Dare
“Ulysses 195”
From Ulysses Trash

From Cemento

Gnawa Music Of Marrakesh
From Night Spirit Masters

Lady Neptune
“Time 2 Make U Feel Good”
From Noz
(Night School)

The Lord
“Church Of Herrmann”
From Forest Nocturne
(Southern Lord)

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