The Wire: Meg Woof presents Adventures In Sound And Music

The 1 February edition of The Wire’s weekly show on Resonance FM and Resonance Extra featured tracks by aya, Jlin, and Kara Jackson, plus music from Neil Kulkarni’s end of year charts, including Kristin Hersh, Fantastic Twins, and more…

Decisive Pink
From Ticket To Fame

Fantastic Twins
“Sisters At Odds”
From Two Is Not A Number
(House Of Slessor)

Kristin Hersh
“St Valentines Day Massacre”
From Clear Pond Road

Kara Jackson
From Why Does The Earth Give Us People To Love?

From Smiling Pools

The Ex
From 27 Passports

Alan Tomlinson, Steve Beresford, Steve Noble
“Don’t Know”
From Baggage And Boating

“Fable Bègue”
From Évohé B​è​gue

Sombat Simla
“Tang Waii – Wicker Stool”
From Master Of Bamboo Mouth Organ
(Black Truffle)

excel dj
“chunk raider, warcraft simple”
From another release

“Clem Fandango”
From Failsafe

aya featuring LOFT
“Lip Flip”
From Lip Flip

Jlin featuring Philip Glass
“The Precision Of Infinity”
From Akoma
(Planet Mu)

“Greeting, 6:40pm”
From Ison

“Oil Field/Mohajir”
From Veiled Sisters

From Endless Path Of Memory
(Pensaments Sònics)

From Drift
(Big Dada)

From trip9love…???

ML Buch
“Sway Walking [edit]”
Previously unreleased
(15 Love)

Mourning [A] BLKstar
“Hard (Stars Remix)”
From The Cycle
(Don Giovanni)

nwakke & aloisius
“an evening on the eleventh of february 22”
From the unfolding rose
(life is beautiful)

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