The Wire: Joseph Stannard presents Adventures In Sound And Music

The 25 January edition of The Wire’s weekly broadcast on Resonance FM and Resonance Extra featured tracks by Techno Animal, Creation Rebel, The Haxan Cloak, Allison Burik, Teresa Winter, and more

Red Largo
“Ex Machina”
From Transmitting
(Madame Vega’s Boudoir)

The Dave Howard Singularity
“Murder Of Your Smile”
From Dark And For Boating

Techno Animal feat Rob Sonic
From The Brotherhood Of The Bomb

Allison Burik
“Birka 581”
From Realm

Ricky Medlocke Band
“Never Run Out Of Road”
(Rock The Cause)

High Tide
„Futilist’s Lament”
From The Complete Liberty Recordings

The Haxan Cloak
From Observatory
(Archaic Devices)

Martin Rev
From Martin Rev
(Bureau B)

Lab Technicians
“We Gave You Life”
From Tony Boninsegna: Notes From The Underground 86–94 Vol 1
(Cold Blow/Musique Pour La Danse)

“Venus In Furs”
From Weibermacht
(Century Media)

Creation Rebel
“Space Movement Section 4”
From Starship Africa
(On-U Sound)

“Sugar Bastard”
From Social Grace

Teresa Winter
“Child Of Nature”
From Proserpine
(Night School)

“Train Running Low On Soul Coal”
From The Big Express
(Ape House)

Lord Spikeheart
From The Adept

“Woke Up Outside The Dust Bin”
From MomentaufNahme IV
(Bureau B)

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