The Wire: Meg Woof presents Adventures In Sound And Music and Zvrra special

The 24 November edition of The Wire’s weekly show on Resonance FM and Resonance Extra featured a techno tour through back issues of The Wire and a guest mix by Chicago based DJ and producer Zvrra.

Ken Ishii
“Garden On The Palm”
From Garden On The Palm

Urban Culture
“The Wonders Of Wishing (For You)”
From The Wonders Of Wishing

“Ready For The Darkness (K-HAND Mix)”
From Ready For The Darkness Remake

Zvrra guest mix

Pyramidal Decode “Nightwalk” (Edit Select)
Modern Doom “Escape One (Adriana Lopez Remix)” (MSDMNR)
Darkduction “Moisture” (Granular Spectrum)
Z@P “Tracid” (Cartulis Music)
Rumenige “Fast Food (Takaaki Itoh Remix)” (Oaks)
Damon Vallero “After Touch” (Electracom)
DJ Hockey “Ripple” (Model Future)
Zvrra “Triple Formatter” (Zvrra)
The Deviantt “Impulse” (DVNTT)
Zvrra “Unreleased”
Chlaer “Absolute Control” (Bipolar Disorder)
Alexey Dunchyk “Modern [R]3volution” (Uncod3d)
morihiro “airpulse” (self released)
Jonny From Space “sinmiedo” (self released)
Zwansound “Produkt (Zvrra Remix)” (Eat Dis)
FAÏG “Black Wave (Original Mix)” (Nell)
Future Atom “Magnetic Field” (Midia84)
Petit Astronaute “Moral Blinds” (Unheard)
Don Seun “Vine” (self released)
Dynoman “Full Circle” (self released)

“Solanus (Extracted 2)”
From Dreamy Harbour

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