WWFM: Mother A.I. Radio: Air Texture

Air Texture​ presents​ ​Empathy System Mother A.I. Show 5 with cuts from North Works, Roger Eno, DJ Olive, BNJMN, Uzect Plaush, Durutti Column, Human Mesh Dance, Klaus Schultze, *Dead Can Dance… RIP Lawrence Ferlinghetti.

There’s a memory of you that will live in my world forever. It’s not nostalgia – it’s love. What was mundane is now sacred, in the scarcity of a moment that is now lost forever. “When all the leaves have fallen and turned to dusk, will we remain entrenched within our ways”.

Hidden Dancer – Mongolian Steppe Berlin Grasslands (Air Texture)
North Works – Ormavon (Savour The Moment)
Neozaïre – Vor Den Toren Europas (Kompakt)
CFCF – Prisma (Driftless Recordings)
Human Mesh Dance – (Wet Moon (Instinct Records)
Roger Eno – Voices (Edition Eg Records)
777 (System 7) – Fay Deau Deau (Astralwerks)
Donald Wilborn – Changing Lanes (Seal Rocks Outro) Embarcadero Records
Donald Wilborn – Changing Lanes (Ambient Reprise) Embarcadero Records
Seventh World – Light The Waves Before Dawn (Kompakt)
Suzanne Ciani – Lumiere (Private Music)
Klaus Schultze – Nacktmusik Schattenhaft (Virgin)
Jonn Serrie – Mystery Road (New World Music)
DJ Olive – Unforgetting (Record Blanks)
BNJM – Forgive (Air Texture)
Emi Murai – This Is Goodbye (Ambient Mix) Embarcadero Records
Ultramarine – Saratoga (Upstate Mix) (Astralwerks)
Aphex Twin – Tha (Apollo)
Zoe Mthiyane, Rupert Gregson-Williams – Opar (Warner Music)
Dead Can Dance – Song of Sophia (4AD)
Dead Can Dance – Severance (4AD)
Bad Data – One by Four by Nine (Em:t)
Alex Cortex – Kihon 8 (Pomelo)
Uzect Plaush – The Falling Dream (Apollo)
Locust – Remember (Editions Mego)
Durutti Column – Estoril A Noite (London Records)
Octal Industries – Dröfn 1 (Entropy Records)
Mumdance & Logos – Truth (Keysound Recordings)
Alpha Wave Movement – Movement III (Harmonic Resonance Recordings)
Northworks – Through (Millions of Moments)
Lawrence Ferlinghetti – I Am Waiting (Poem)
S.O.N.S – Wanderer (The Many)
Frank Stella – The Painter’s Painting (Interview)

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