Bandcamp: Album of the Day: Coriky – “Coriky”

It’s impossible to talk about Coriky without invoking their collective discography—yes, here are two members of Fugazi and one member of The Warmers, or two members of The Evens and one member of The Messthetics, or a husband and wife and a longtime friend, or Ian MacKaye and Amy Farina and Joe Lally. Their Bandcamp bio, in typical unpresuming fashion, reads that they are “a band from Washington D.C.” All of these things are true.

Weiter lesen …!

Coriky is a band from Washington, D.C. Amy Farina plays drums. Joe Lally plays bass. Ian MacKaye plays guitar. All sing.

Formed in 2015, Coriky did not play their first show until 2018. They have recorded one album. They hope to tour.


released June 12, 2020

Amy Farina: Drums, Vocals
Joe Lally: Bass, Vocals
Ian MacKaye: Guitar, Vocals

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