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BBC Radio 3 Late Junction: Ana Roxanne’s mixtape … anhören ….

Jennifer Lucy Allan presents a mixtape of soothing sounds from Ana Roxanne, a Los Angeles-based artist and musician. Her interest in the healing power of music started from a young age, first with the R&B divas she discovered in her mother’s CD collection and later through the sacred music she experienced as a devoted choral singer at her local Catholic church.

Her own sound stems from these early encounters, as well as drawing on classical Hindustani singing she learned whilst living in India, and her own experiences identifying as intersex. The mixtape she’s crafted for Late Junction reflects these sonic inspirations, from acapella harmonies and 1940s Bollywood love songs to dub-inflected minimalism and Whitney Houston’s first television appearance. It’s not all sweetness and light on the programme though. Elsewhere there’s caustic vocal manipulations from Amirtha Kindambi and Lea Bertucci that ‘announce the end of softness’ and some original Detroit techno from Underground Resistance founder Mad Mike Banks. From Detroit we’ll travel to the moonlit hilltop in Slovenia where Lori Goldston recorded her new release of cello improvisations, and to an “eternally recurring” basketball court in the soundtrack to a 1981 experimental Japanese short film. Produced by Katie Callin. A Reduced Listening production for BBC Radio 3


1 Earl Gilmore – It Is No Secret

2 Ana Roxanne – In A Small Valley

3 Maggi Payne – Gamelan

4 Amirtha Kidambi & Lea Bertucci – Destroying Angel

5 Lori Goldston – Side A

6 Shiva Feshareki & Ludwig van Beethoven – Fifth Symphony (Shiva Feshareki Remix)

7 Takashi Inagaki – Spacy

8 Ana Roxanne – Venus

9 Ana Roxanne – Take The Thorn, Leave The Rose

10 The Singers Unlimited – Feelings

11 Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love You

12 Whitney Houston – Home (The Merv Griffin Show, 1983)

13 Clown Car Cassette Playback – Banana Paradise Combo

14 Shamshad Begum – Mohan Ki Muraliya Baje

15 TINT – Miniature Moment

16 The Singers Unlimited – Indian Summer

17 Purity – Dance This Mess Around

18 Helen – Ryder

19 AMOR – Unravel

20 Björk – Unravel

21 UR – Illuminator

22 Sissy Fuss – No Restraint

23 A.k.Adrix – Desenhos Animados

24 Vasco Alves – Gaita Contra Computador 4

25 Sam Shalabi – Trace

26 Tangerine Dream – The Night In Romania

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