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BBC Radio 3 – Late Junction: Tirzah’s mixtape

Verity Sharp shares an offbeat woozy mixtape from the enigmatic South London vocalist Tirzah. Tirzah’s sound draws in elements of off-kilter R&B, art-rock and pop, often working alongside her long-term friends and collaborators Mica Levi and Coby Sey.

Her 2018 debut Devotion, mixing minimal electronics and DIY soul music, was released to critical acclaim and her new album Colourgrade is influenced by her experiences of pregnancy, birth and motherhood. Tirzah’s mixtape for Late Junction carries the same hazy and intimate feeling of her own work, with tracks from the likes of Kate Bush, Jah Shaka and Klein.

Elsewhere Verity pulls out her own selections, from the spiritual rhythms of Ghanaian master percussionist Okyerema Asante to Filipino gong music from Danongan Kalanduyan. Plus, Norwegian free jazz improvisations and a new compilation of Irish traditional songs.

Produced by Katie Callin A Reduced Listening production for BBC Radio 3

1 Sam Gendel & Josiah Steinbrick – Mouthfeel 2

2 ឈុន វណ្ណា – I Love Only You

3 Cucina Povera – Olen oluen oljen

4 Anthony Sahyoun – Minhadalskekin

5 Okyerema Asante – Mother Africa

6 Miman – Elefanten i rommet

7 Tirzah – Colourgrade

8 Mary Doran – When I Was In Horseback

9 Bendik Giske – Flutter

10 John Tilbury, Michael Duch & Rhodri Davies – Unintended Piano Music

11 Genevieve Murphy – Bushes Of The Unknown

12 Kiwa – haunted trance

13 Danongan Kalanduyan & Palabuniyan Kulintang Ensemble – Kapamalong-malong Dance Music II

14 Kappeler & Zumthor – Calanda

15 Kate Bush – The Sensual World

16 Lil B – Birth To Life

17 Harry Partch – Cloud Chamber Bowls

18 Nearly God – Poems

19 Bar Italia – Keyholesurgery

20 Lord Tusk – Get your mind Right

21 ESG – About You

22 Jah Shaka – Conquering Dub

23 Harry Partch – Kithara

24 Still House Plants – September

25 Klein – 99

26 Mahwash – Khuye Atashin

27 Minna Koskenlahti – Hävittäjä/Destroyer

28 Kelly Lee Owens & Coby Sey – Corner Of My Sky (Coby Sey Remix) (feat. John Cale)

29 John Reilly Jr – The Jolly Tinker

30 Azu Tiwaline – Until The End

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