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BBC Radio 3 Late Junction: Foodman’s mixtape

Jennifer Lucy Allan serves up a tasty mixtape concocted by Japanese producer Foodman. Plus New Orleans noise punk, vocals from Mexican churches and a techno cover of Lou Reed.

Jennifer Lucy Allan serves up a tasty mixtape concocted by Japanese electronic producer Foodman aka Takahide Higuchi. Based in Nagoya in central Japan, his sound is influenced by everything from Chicago footwork and psych-rock to video game soundtracks and traditional Okinawan folk music. His new album Yasuragi Land is inspired by simple pleasures: eating at Michinoeki (motorway service stations) and visiting his local Sentō (public baths). For his Late Junction mixtape, he reflects on these places of calm, with music discovered at the very service stations and public baths he visits, as well as dynamic percussion from his mother’s native Okinawa, some 90s video game music and the chimes of a music box.

Elsewhere in the show, there’ll be gnarly noise punk demos from New Orleans’ Special Interest and a Lou Reed cover by Birmingham techno musician Regis. Plus the results of Polish vocalist Antonina Nowacka’s recent trip to Oaxaca in Mexico, during which she recorded herself singing in small churches along her journey.

Produced by Katie Callin
A Reduced Listening Production for BBC Radio 3

1 Popol Vuh – Ah!

2 The Fall – Eat Y’Self Fitter

3 Yura-Yura Teikoku – Grapefruit Choudai

4 Lucia Nimcová & Sholto Dobie – Cuckoo is cooing, lifeless in a world of misery

5 Bill Orcutt – I

6 Angel Bat Dawid – Jumping the Broom

7 foodman – Food Court

8 Antonina Nowacka – M

9 Felinto – Turmalina

10 Peter Zinovieff & Lucy Railton – RFG Inventions for Cello and Computer

11 Seke Molenga & Kalo Kawongolo – Bad Food

12 Hajime Takai – Welcome to Edo!

13 Makoto Kubota – Meadow

14 Humbros – Leu-u-lu

15 DJ Rashad – Reverb

16 Star Searchers – Chenjiang Fauna

17 Talvin Singh – Vikram The Vampire

18 Toshikazu Matsuda & 松田幸一 – Zisa

19 細川たかし – Hokui Gojyuudo

20 α ha orgel – Kira kira

21 Susumu Yokota – Blue Sky And Yellow Sunflower

22 Kotaro Oshio – Kanata He

23 Taichi – X2

24 Yu Manabe – Slow Life With Sunshine

25 Mabe Fratti – Aire

26 Andrew Weathers – Eating An Apple Outside

27 Special Interest – Service

28 Eimear Reidy & Natalia Beylis – The Sloes Made Sweet

29 Anni Hogan & Karl O’Connor – Temporary Thing

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