Cuneiform: Cheer-Accident – Putting Off Death / Dieses Wochenende für FIVE

„Nach drei Jahrzehnten sind vielen Dauerbrennern längst die Ideen ausgegangen. Cheer-Accident…klingt wie eine Band, die gerade erst ihren…Einfallsreichtum und Wagemut unter Beweis gestellt hat.“ – Something Else!

Bands, like the human beings that comprise them, are mortal. Against all the odds, in the face of an unstable record industry that never embraced their restless experimentation, Chicago avant-rock pioneers CHEER-ACCIDENT have survived to release their 18th album, Putting Off Death. More than 30 years after first joining forces, fellow eclecticists Thymme Jones and Jeff Libersher have faced down the inevitable and returned with a new set of songs that’s as unpredictable, exploratory and viscerally compelling as anything they’ve released over the course of their erratically evolving career. The music is action packed and filled to the brim with living, breathing humanity. The band’s continuing hunger bleeds through in the music’s immediacy. As Jones says, „There’s still something to prove.“
The band’s third release for Cuneiform follows in the elusive, meandering trajectory of their earlier work, which is always instantly identifiable if never quite definable. They’ve managed to conjure a unique collage of intricate prog, lush pop and experimental noise, drawing on hugely disparate influences without ever settling on a sound that could be definitively traced to any of them in isolation. Meaning that they always did and continue to, sound like no one but themselves….

released May 12, 2017

Jeff Libersher guitar, trumpet, vocals, keyboards
Dante Kester bass, keyboards
Thymme Jones drums, vocals, piano, trumpet, keyboards, acoustic and electric guitars, moog, noise
Carmen Armillas vocals
Mike Hagedorn trombone
Teria Gartelos vocals
Sacha Mullin vocals
Cory Bengtsen baritone sax
Beth Yates flute
Julie Pomerleau violin
Joan Morrone french horn
Ross Feller tenor sax
Rob Pleshar tuba
Todd Fackler tuba

Jones/Rutledge (1,2 & 5), Jones (3), Jones/Libersher/Morgan (4)
Libersher/Rutledge (6), Jones/Morgan (7)

Photograph (by Carrie Louise Smith) painted by Jeff Libersher.
Painting (by Jeff Libersher) photographed by Vilma Jovaisa.
Grace Dunn (in the frame) photographed by Maurice Seymour.
Layout by Jim Drummond.

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