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Cuneiform: Doctor Nerve – Did Sprinting Die? / Dieses Wochenende für Five

„I like Doctor Nerve and all the various players in the band. This was recorded very early in the band’s legacy.The songs are short, tight and consise. It is an excellent album which I like to think of as a warm up to Eriea.
Excellent spin! “ – Carl Johnson

„This is a fantastic album of mostly live songs. The three songs which aren’t live are all created and performed by Nick Didkovsky’s DrNerve.hsml software. These songs actually sound remarkably similar to Frank Zappa’s Synclavier work on „Jazz From Hell“. The live tracks are mostly from the first two studio albums, „Out To Bomb Fresh Kings“ and „Armed Observation“.
The recording quality is good, but not great for a live album. The horns and vibes are very clear sounding, but the guitar and drums sonetimes get lost under the rest of the band. The song selection is perfect. It contains all of my favorites from the first two albums. I especially like hearing „Mister Stiff Fries A Dozen“, „Unna“ and „Spy Boy“. This is a band that should be better known.“

 Prog Archives

released January 1, 1990

Nick Didkovsky – guitar, vocals
Michael Lytle – bass clarinet
Marc Wagnon – midi vibraphone
Yves Duboin – trumpet
Greg Anderson – bass
Leo Ciesa – drums

Live concert material digitally recorded on the evening of June 14, 1989 at the Knitting Factory, NYC.
Portions of this recording were broadcast from Tokyo the following day.

Tracks 1, 8 and 11 were generated by „DrNerve.hmsl“, a program written by Didkovsky in Hierarchical Music Specification Language (HMSL).
Computer compositions were digitally mixed at Creative Recordings, Portland Maine.
Digital mastering at PASS.

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