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Cuneiform Records: U Totem – U Totem // Dieses Wochenende für FIVE

U Totem was the combination of the 5uus and the Motor Totemist Guild. This pairing brought out the best parts of both bands, combining the abstraction and lyricism of the 5uus with the classical control and timbre of the MTG.  „The closest thing to Henry Cow in complexity…world class playing and singing…there is nothing else like this now.“ – Chris Cutler.

A classic of RIO-style complexity as filtered through a uniquely US sensibility!  This album is filled with major stunners!

„U Totem is characterized by unsurpassed technique and perfect sound; in addition, this music is well written and well orchestrated…this must surely be the CD of the year! –Gateavisa

„Uncompromising in melody, harmony and rhythm…superbly played throughout.“ – Facelift

Emily Hay – voice, flute, piccolo
Sanjay Kumar – piano, electric keyboards, sitar
Eric Johnson-Tamai – bassoon, contrabassoon, soprano sax
James Grigsby – bass, guitar, vibraphone, tapes
David Kerman – drums, percussion, tapes 

plus many guests

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3) Type „10“ into the Name your price field (The discount comes next! 😉 ).
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