Cuneiform: Present – Triskaidekaphobie / Dieses Wochenende für FIVE

„…a turbulent masterpiece that leaves a residue of angst lingering long after the CD ends.“ – Alternative Press

After co-founding Univers Zero in 1974 and co-leading that group through their first two albums, guitarist and composer Roger Trigaux left Univers Zero in May, 1979, right after the completion of Heresie.

His new ensemble, Present, was a more electric and a more compact ensemble: electric grand piano (Alain Rochette), electric guitar and electric piano (Roger), electric bass (Christian Genet, also of Univers Zero) and drums (Daniel Denis, also of Univers Zero).

Originally conceived strictly as a studio project, the band began rehearsals in 1979 and began to record their first album, Triskaïdékaphobie (The Fear Of The Number 13) in January, 1980. After all the rehearsals and all of the work of recording this album, Roger realized that this was a perfect ensemble to play live, as the musicians all got along well and the ensemble was small enough to be a practical outfit and the band began performing in the fall of 1980.

Since Present only had about 35′ of music written for the group, in their earliest days, the band also performed two ‚covers‘ from Univers Zero’s repertoire; Dense (from Ceux du Dehors) and Vous Les Saurez En Temps Voulu (from Heresie). Recordings of these two covers, from a performance from 2/28/81 are included here as bonus tracks.

Originally released in 1980, this reissue of Triskaïdékaphobie includes the original album, newly transferred and remastered by the group’s long-time engineer, Udi Koomran as well as the aforementioned 20′ of bonus material!

released February 4, 2014

Roger Trigaux: guitars, Fender Rhodes piano
Alain Rochette: Yamaha CP-80 electric grand piano
Christian Genet: electric bass
Daniel Denis: percussion

Liner notes by Aymeric Leroy & Renato de Moraes

Additional quotes from interviews with John Loffink (Improvijazzation), Jérôme Schmidt (Art Zéro), Mike Ezzo (Exposé), Serge Pignon and Charles Wegner (Notes).

Original album artwork by Sir Charles Bell, designed by Roger Trigaux.
Photos supplied by Roger Trigaux.
CD package and design by Bill Ellsworth.
Release coordination and direction by Steven Feigenbaum.

The album and bonus tracks were transferred from the original stereo analog tapes and digitally restored and remastered by Udi Koomran.

Thanks to Martine De Bruyn, Mark Chapman, Pierre Chevalier, Daniel Denis, Bill Ellsworth, Udi Koomran, Aymeric Leroy, Doug Moon, Renato de Moraes, Alain Rochette, Guy Segers and Roger Trigaux for their help with this release in this form.

Tracks #1-3
Recorded and mixed July-May, 1980 at Overijse, Belgium.
Engineering and mixing by Pierre Desmedt and Present.

Tracks #4-5 (bonus):
Recorded February 28, 1981 at Halles de Schaerbeek, Brussels, Belgium.

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