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Euro Jazz Media Charts Juli 2020

Jede Menge neue Musik wartet auf Euch! Herausgesucht von den Jazzschreibern und mit Musik von u.a. Hedvig Mollestad, Remy Le Boeuf, Anna Högberg Attack, Katherine Zyabluk, Potsa Lotsa Xl, Kasia Pietrzko Trio, Ambrose Akinmusire, Paolo Angeli.

Luca Vitali, Giornale della Musica (Italy)

PAOLO ANGELI: Bodas de Sangre

Madli-Liis Parts, Muusika (Estonia)

AMBROSE AKINMUSIRE: On The Tender Spot Of Every Calloused Moment (Blue Note)

Zur CD

Paweł Brodowski, Jazz Forum (Poland)

KASIA PIETRZKO TRIO: Ephemeral Pleasures (KPT Records)

Pianist Kasia Pietrzko is an important new voice on the Polish jazz scene. “Ephemeral Pleasures” is her second release following her debut album „Forthright Stories” of two years ago, which generated many awards for this up-and-coming artist. Her trio includes two seasoned players: Piotr Budniak on druma and Andrzej Święs on bass (her bassist on “Forthright Stories” was the American master Corcoran Holt!). This newest outing features original compositions, mostly her own, built on unusual structures and marked by her strong sense of melody. The main pieces are interwoven with five improvised, numbered “Episodes,” in which each player gets a chance to add to the story. One of the compsitions, “For T.S.”, is dedicated to Tomasz Stańko, who invited Kasia to join his group. She played with the legendary trumpeter in a Cracow club just one gig, which turned out to be the very last performance before his departure. The American pianist Aaron Parks, her idol and mentor, is quoted in the liner notes: “It’s been a joy to witness the remarkable and rapid evolution of Kasia Pietrzko’s artistry. Her approach to the piano is at once patient, inquisitive, bold, and filled with the sense of unforced discovery that marks true creative vision. As a composer, her voice continues to develop and deepen in ever more compelling ways“.

Mike Flynn, Jazzwise (UK)


Anna Filipieva, (Russia)

SERGEY GOLOVNYA: Dreamlike Forest (SG)

Muscovite Sergey Golovnya is known as an exceptional virtuoso saxophonist within the post bop idiom, but his album is another story. Recorded during the pandemic-inflicted lockdown in Moscow by a team of only two musicians, keyboardist / programmer Kirill Kuznetsov and Golovnya, who composed all tracks and played flute as well as soprano, tenor, and bari sax, it sounds as far from post bop as possible, exploring menacing or meditative modal soundscapes which reflect a locked-down musician’s moody, somber, or contemplative attitudes.

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