Europe Jazz Media Chart, Maerz 2018

Mit Musik von Piotr Wyleżoł, Peeter Malkov, Arild Andersen, Anna Buturlina, Shake Stew, Igor Lumpert & Innertextures, Jimmy Giuffre 3, Johan Lindström Septett, Synesthetic Octet, Norma Winstone, Pablo Held,  Matteo Bortone.


Paweł BrodowskiJazz Forum (Poland):

Piotr Wyleżoł «Human Things – Polish Jazz vol. 79» (Polskie Nagrania)


“Human Things” is the newest addition to the famed Polish Jazz series, which in the past boasted recordings by such luminaries as Komeda, Namysłowski and Stańko.  Pianist Piotr Wyleżoł, perhaps best known for his work with the late guitarist Jarek Śmietana and British violinist virtuoso Nigel Kennedy (“Four Elements”, “Shhhhh”, “A Very Nice Album”) has come up with an impressive album of original compositions and arrangements full of sophisticated harmonies and intriguing colors. The sound of  his sextet is based on a rather unusual instrumentation which includes three horns – sax, fluegel and euphonium. Top Polish jazz musicians augmented by the American saxophone master Dayna Stephens, plus two vocalists guesting on the title track.


Madli-Liis PartsMuusika (Estonia):

Peeter Malkov «On The Other Side Of The Flute» (Malkofon OÜ, 2017)

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Mike Flynn Jazzwise (U.K.):

Arild Andersen «In-House Science» (ECM)

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A vivid return for this most European of power trios – Smith is in imperious form, while Andersen proves once again that he is among the very greatest Scandinavia bassists with a bravura performance.

Hörbeispiele zur CD

A vivid return for this most European of power trios – Smith is in imperious form, while Andersen proves once again that he is among the very greatest Scandinavia bassists with a bravura performance. Mike Flynn

Anna FilipievaJazz.Ru (Russia):

Anna Buturlina «Be Careful <Music>» (Melodiya)

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Christine StephanJazzthetik (Germany):

Shake Stew «Rise and Rise Again» (Traumton / Indigo)


Henning BolteJazzism (Netherlands):

Igor Lumpert & Innertextures «Eleven» (Clean Feed)


Clarity, angularity, consistency are the most distinguishing characteristics of the album Eleven created by saxophonist Igor Lumpert & Innertextures. M-Base, Mahler and Mingus are keywords too. Eleven is jagged music with clear thematic threads.  Six musicians have left their traces in the strongly collective way of performing the music: the saxophonists Igor Lumpert and Greg Ward, trumpeter Jonathan Finlayson, bass clarinetists John Ellis, bassist Chris Tordini and drummer Kenny Grohowski. Eleven is a regenerative, joyful piece of complex music. Its bracing and encouraging power could help to face our world’s chaos, its vicinity of misery and joy. Henning Bolte

Jan GranlieSalt Peanuts (Norway/Denmark):

Jimmy Giuffre 3 «Bremen & Stuttgart 1961» (Emanem)

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Patrik SandbergOrkester Journalen (Sweden):

Johan Lindström Septett «Music For Empty Halls» (Moserobie)

After conducting a couple of concerts in 2017, it is finally time for Johan Lindström Septett to present his newly released debut album “Music For Empty Halls”. The musicians are handpicked to present this material, as Lindström has written exclusively for the project. On the record he teams up with names like Edda Magnason, Jonas Kullhammar, Per “Texas” Johansson, Jesper Nordenström, Konrad Agnas, Tobbe Zetterberg, Mats Äleklint. A suggestive and seamless mix of jazz, blues and artrock that looks like everything and nothing you’ve heard before. Johan Lindström (guitar / pedal steel / piano) is an already recognized freelance guitarist in various contexts as Tonbruket, Ane Brun, Rebecka Törnqvist. Lindström Septett enchant you with his seductive simple, but highly suggestive melodies. Patrik Sandberg

Cim MeyerJazz Special (Denmark):

Synesthetic Octet «In The Meanwhile Shoot Me A Movie» (Jazzwerkstatt Records)


Conceptualized by the Austrian clarinet-player Vincent Pongrácz, who has studied in Copenhagen for a couple of years. If you combine Mathias Rüegg, Gil Evans and Olivier Messiaen you have a direction of Pongrácz’ vision. Dense compositions accurately executed by eight or nine skilled musicians, who has played together since 2013. Cim Meyer

Lars MossefinnDag & Tid (Norway):

Norma Winstone «Descansado Songs for Films» (ECM)


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Axel StinshoffJazz thing (Germany):

Pablo Held «Glow II» (Pirouet)


Luca VitaliGiornale della Musica (Italy):

Matteo Bortone «ClarOscuro» (Cam Jazz)


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