Frank Rosaly’s „Ruidoscuro“ Live on Bimhuis TV 28.8.2021

Drummer Frank Rosaly explores his Puerto Rican roots in a supergroup with members of The Thing and The Ex. For his new ensemble Ruidoscuro, Frank Rosaly composed contemporary music inspired by the cultures of Central and South America before the arrival of Columbus.

With acoustic and electronic instruments, he illustrates the integration of these traditions into the developing musical diaspora from Africa to The Andes. Puerto Rico, where he was born, plays an important part in this. Frank Rosaly was formed as a drummer and improviser in Chicago, where over the course of fifteen years he collaborated with influential musicians such as Roscoe Mitchell, Jeff Parker and Dave Rempis. In 2016, he moved to Amsterdam. Ruidoscuro consists of improvising musicians from various European cities, and includes members of The Thing, Han Bennink Trio and The Ex.


Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti: vocals/electronics/synthesizers
Joachim Badenhorst: reeds/electronics
Marta Warelis: piano/synthesizers
Andy Moor: guitar
Ingebrigt Haker Flaten: bass/electronics
Frank Rosaly: drums/synthesizers/composition

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