TheWire: Chris Bohn presents Adventures In Sound And Music

Die Ausgabe vom 2. November der wöchentlichen Ausgabe von The Wire. Mit Musik von Raphael Rogiński, Klein, Chaba Malika Medda, AutopsiA, Rie Nakajima, Olivia Louvel und mehr.

Chaba Malika Medda
“Sid Houari Ya Mlah”

From Various: A MOI LA LIBERTE: Early Electronic Raï ALGERIE 1983/1990
(Serendip Lab)

“Resurrection Machine 1”

From God Has Come Again In The Form Of An Oil Tank EP

Lucy Liyou
“Death’s Length”


Rie Nakajima
“Whistle & Bag”

From Various: Synthetic Bird Music

Olivia Louvel
“Doggerland DNA”

From doggerLANDscape

Essential Logic
“Aerosol Burns”

From Various: Women In Revolt! Underground Rebellion In British Music 1977–1985
(Music For Nations)

“Light Cider/Right Sider B (The Refreshing Road To Hell)”

From Don’t Eat Food!

Lucie Jelfs
“Broken Bones”

From Various: OUTPUTS Sampler1

Toshi Ichiyanagi
“Parallel Music (different version, 1962)”

From Oto No Hajimari Wo Motomete 12: The World
(Sound3 Co,Ltd)

Lao Dan
“Sorrow Blows”

From Sorrow Blows: Saxophone Solo For Reel-To-Reel Tape Recording
(Old Heaven Books)

Amelia Cuni/Werner Durand/Uli Hohmann

From Clearing

Raphael Rogiński
“Carpathian Transition”

From Talàn
(Instant Classic)

Škvíry & Spoje

From Hotel Spojár

“say black power and mean it”

From touched by an angel

“Pla Nueng Manow”


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