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BBC 3 Freeness: „Dulcet tones on a dulcitone“

Corey Mwamba presents Adam Fairhall performing on a dulcitone, a keyboard instrument from the 19th century which he prepares in a way that evokes the sound of an African balafon, played in a way that’s inspired by the fast repeating figures of Keith Tippett.

Plus there’s music from Tim Hill’s new quartet based on the piano-less groups of Ornette Coleman and Anthony Braxton, and a track by bandleader Laura Cole with her octet Metamorphic.

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1) Tim Hill Quartet (Tim Hill, Nick Malcolm, Dominic Lash & David Insu-cao) -The Bear’s Farewell
2) Anna Webber – Kore II
3) Adam Fairhall – Mechanica
4) Resolute – I Just Want To Be Cool For You
5) Han-earl Park, Catherine Sikora & Nick Didkovsky – Therianthropy IV
6) Sàmhach String Quartet (Tim Vincent-Smith (violin), Kate Young (violin), Mairi Campbell (viola) & Atzi Muramatsu (cello)) – Chord Space Chord
7) Elaine Mitchener Quartet & Alexander Hawkins – UpRoot
8) Metamorphic – Deer Medicine (For Ellen Scrimgeour)

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