BBC 3 Freeness: Beats and bluegrass

Corey Mwamba plays the best jazz and improvised music, features hip hop-inspired improv, using samples from old soul records, and deconstructed bluegrass.

This week features Lushandverdant, a hip hop producer who improvises with samples taken from old soul and gospel records. Deconstructed bluegrass, jazz and avant-garde techniques come together in a track from the international trio Multifarious and there’s sludgy doom from Pulled By Magnets, the new project of drummer Seb Rochford.

Link zum Player



1 Lushandverdant – Having Had

2 Pulled by Magnets – Slow Shrouded Aisle

3 Keith Jafrate & Hervé Perez – the fishtail conundrum

4 Sam Andreae, David Birchall, Toshimaru Nakamura & Otto Willberg – Prism Dialect

5 Multifarious – Poets of Andalucia

6 Gianni Mimmo & Alison Blunt – Ravenoville Plage

7 Los Toscos & Malaby – El letargo

8 Ingrid Munk Plum – Score for Listening #87

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