BBC 3 Freeness: Hindustani classical music and ASMR

Corey Mwamba presents an improvisation rooted in Hindustani classical music by the cellist, sitarist and vocalist Pete Yelding; a tingling track that provokes an ASMR reaction.

(like the hair on the back of your neck standing on end when someone whispers in your ear) by using wide stereo and sounds that require close attention. Plus new music from the Portuguese trumpeter, composer and vocalist Susana Santos Silva and her Impermanence quintet.

Produced by Rebecca Gaskell A Reduced Listening production for BBC Radio 3

Link zum Player


1 Pete Yelding – Mi Tides

2 Susana Santos Silva Impermanence – Wanderhopes

3 Green Room – Rotations

4 Jay Clayton & Jerry Granelli – Because It’s Spring

5 Bley-Peacock Synthesizer Show – Mr. Joy

6 David Curington – furutiSgigINihiojoEhohoOFigigTgufuHETchcIMEShchcuru

7 Els Vandeweyer – Betonplaten Straat

8 Cécile Cappozzo Trio – Chaos – Fragment 1



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