CD TIPP: City & i.o – Spirit Volume / PTP

Ein unglaubliches Teil ! War Album des Tages bei Bandcamp und darüber bin ich auf diese Veröffentlichung gekommen. Ein wilder, explosiver und experimenteller Mix. Nicht verpassen !

„Composed over an extended period, _Spirit Volume_ is naturally patient, an album that reveals more of itself with repeated listens. It’s a meticulous and careful collection—trying to uncover the ins and outs of each composition is a joy. But with so much going on in each song, it’s hard to imagine figuring out its secrets any time soon.“
– Bandcamp Daily: Album of the Day, June 5, 2019. Web.

„(T)he pair’s signature sounds rarely surface in recognizable forms. Instead, this particular fusion dance results in ominous sludge resembling the carbon left behind in a tin of burnt sugar. Chunky pulses of bass slowly pull listeners through hovering drones and slap-chopped drums. Seatbelted into the wubs, there’s nowhere to go but up, in perpetuity — coaster tracks clacking, no hillcrest in sight. … The two work so well as a unit that _Spirit Volume_ is, above all, a case to study each artist’s back catalogue in order to pick out their individual contributions. For an album recorded long-distance, it’s brimming with intimacy.“
– Tiny Mix Tapes: Review, June 10, 2019. Web.


released June 7, 2019

Written and produced by City & i.o
Drums and guitar on all tracks by i.o
Synths on YS by x/o

Mastered by Aaron Wharton
Artwork by Loic Le Hécho
Designed by Collin Fletcher

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