Cuneiform: Blue Cranes – Swim / Dieses Wochenende für Five

„One of Portland’s brightest lights.“ – Downbeat // „Says more than most singer-songwriters—without any words at all.“ – Willamette Week // „A truly unconventional approach to improvised music that puts other third-streamers to shame“ – WNYC // „A strong focus on ensemble playing over individual virtusity“ – Dave King (The Bad Plus) // „This is that album that you leave in your car stereo for a month on purpose.“ – Scott Borne, music director WWOZ

The members of Blue Cranes bring a unique array of experiences to their group-centered aesthetic, including work with AU, The Decemberists, Laura Veirs, Wayne Horvitz, Rebecca Gates, Laura Gibson, Ethan Rose, Pete Krebs, Black Prairie and Portland Cello Project. The band takes an evolutionary step forward on their fourth full-length album, Swim.

Swim is a departure from Blue Cranes‘ previous, and in some ways simpler, albums. Steered dutifully by producer Nate Query of The Decemberists, it is a window into the sometimes messy emotional space of a group struggling with and celebrating the ephemeralness of life. This work is the culmination of several between-album projects, including a 30-day crowd-sourced Amtrak train tour in 2011, and a seven day group composition retreat, supported in part by a grant from Portland’s Regional Arts and Culture Council. However, the heart of Swim lies in indelibly profound life events—the passing away of two dear friends, a serious injury, two weddings, and the birth of a child (Wallsmith’s first)—events at tragic and uplifting extremes, both cathartic and celebratory. 

released June 4, 2013

Blue Cranes:
Reed Wallsmith – alto saxophone
Joe Cunningham – tenor saxophone
Rebecca Sanborn – keyboards
Keith Brush – bass
Ji Tanzer – drums

Additional musicians:
Eyvind Kang, viola (2,5); Patti King, violin (2,3,5,6,8); Kyleen King, viola (2,3,5,6,8); Anna Fritz, cello (2,3,5,6,8); Nick Sweet, trombone (7); Noah Bernstein, alto saxophone (3,7); Chad Hensel, bass clarinet (3,7); Gus Baum, trumpet (3); Steve Berlin, baritone saxophone (3); Patrick Finley, trombone (3); Cooper McBean, saw (9); Jessica Cooke, Rhodes (9); Kevin DeMarco, guitar (9); Sam Howard, acoustic bass (9); Eric Redpath, drums (9).

All songs published by Lift Music Flown Music (BMI), except „Corporal’s Lament“ published by Stonk13 (ASCAP).

Recorded at Jackpot! (Portland, Oregon) by Kendra Lynn, Type Foundry (Portland, Oregon) by Jason Powers, and Licorice Labs (Davis, California) by Cooper McBean.

Mixed by Gregg Williams, except „Corporal’s Lament“ mixed by Kendra Lynn.

Produced by The Decemberists‘ Nate Query.

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