Cuneiform: Jonathan Badger – Verse / dieses Wochenende für FIVE

„The sheer volume of ideas and instruments explored here defy categorization…Verse is an excursion worth your attention.“ – A Closer Listen

„This melancholic, mosaic record . . . shuffles nimbly between extremes of darkness and light the way an Olympic figure skater transitions from twirls and spins to Lutzes and Axles, a suite of fluid, involving instrumentals that draws from disparate genres to arrive at a sort of post-ambient survey course.“

– Baltimore City Paper

Jonathan Badger is a composer and performer based in Baltimore, Maryland. Formally trained as a classical guitarist, he went on to study music theory and composition at Duke University and arranged and composed music for theatre and dance. He then studied in Guitar Craft, a guitar school founded and guided by Robert Fripp of King Crimson.

He has traveled extensively, performing his riveting style of “guitaristic” electronic music, processing guitar through an assortment of customized software and hardware – folding and weaving signals together into complex patterns of interlaced rhythm, harmony and texture. The resulting aesthetic is an ambient, avant-rock hybrid with DIY sensibilities.

A newcomer to Cuneiform but no stranger to the creative music world, Jonathan Badger has shared the stage with Dustin Wong (Thrill Jockey), The DeathSet (Dim Mac), Jamie Branch’s Bomb Shelter, Delicate Steve (Luaka Bop), Janel and Anthony (Cuneiform) and Wendel Patrick.

released September 30, 2014

Jonathan Badger – Electric and acoustic guitars, banjo, piano, computer, sundry percussion.

Ruby Fulton – Flugelhorn
Patrick McMinn – Trumpet
Tiffany DeFoe – Tenor and baritone saxophones
Shodekeh – Human beatbox
Alexandra and Victoria, the Sisters Wick – Mezzo sopranos
Michael Gates – Violin
Sasha Keen – Cello

Recorded at High Horse Studios, Baltimore, autumn 2013.
Mastered by Thomas Dimuzio at Gench Studios, San Francisco.
Photography by Jonathan Badger.
Package design by Bill Ellsworth.
Thank you. Tiffany DeFoe, Teach Me Equals, Guitar Craft, St. John’s College, Dustin Wong, Janel and Anthony, Steve Feigenbaum.

© 2014 Jonathan Badger/High Horse Productions
(p) 2014 Cuneiform Records

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„Jonathan Badger’s ‚Verse‚ is one of the best albums of 2014. It is a work of considerable ambition for an indie artist, and has an impressive musical range. Most of its tracks are instrumental and guitar-oriented – though singing is audible on at least one track. The instrumentation of songs like „It Came Down from the Night…“ brings to mind Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross’s David Fincher soundtracks. The album is also rather accessible: „St. Lucy’s Day“ and „Limbec“ have good melodies. „Nimbus“ is very musically ambitious.“


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