Cuneiform: Lars Hollmer – Viandra / Dieses Wochenende für FIVE

“…it’s his accordions that dominate, and there are few others…who can make the instrument sing the way Hollmer does. …Hollmer’s humanity shines through…”
– John Kelman, All About Jazz 

The following is a slightly adapted version of a tribute written by myself about 7 years ago when the folks from the Gouviea Art Rock Festival – who were also very big fans of Lars‘ work – put together a tribute booklet in honor of him and asked for my thoughts about Lars and his music…. I had already considered making Viandra this weeks $5.00 album, but in setting this  sale up I suddenly realized he had been gone 10 years on Christmas Day! So, it’s a chance for me to let more folks see this tribute and my thoughts about Lars. – Steve Feigenbaum

“… he worked out an unmistakable and distinctive design, hybrid music he used to call it, which zigzags between different styles and influences. It also offers everything from jazz, rock and Zappa-inspired improvisation to rock balkan music, classic melodic loops and nonsense singing in falsetto. ….
While Lars Hollmer created music for the whole world, he never denied his roots in the Swedish music tradition. ….one of our most iconic world musicians”
– Malcolm Dixelius, Fokus Magazine 


Lars Hollmer – accordions, keyboards, melodica, percussion, mandolin, voices and more
Michel Berckmans – bassoons, English horn, oboe, melodica (on ‚Baladeis‘)
Santiago Jimenez – violins
Andreas Tengberg – cello
Morgan Ågren – additional drums (on ‚Snabb‘)
Coste Apetrea – mandolin (on ‚Alice‘)
Ulf Wallander – tenor sax (on ‚Paztema‘)
Love Hollmer, Viggo Hollmer and Klara Pellas (voices on ‚Lilla Bye‘ and ‚Alice‘)

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