Cuneiform: Wadada Leo Smith – Spiritual Dimensions / Dieses Wochenende für Seven (Doppel-CD) !!!

„…not only as inventive and adventurous as he was when he was a younger player, but his creativity and ability to direct a band into new territory is actually farther reaching than ever before. This is brilliant work.“  – All Music Guide

“…my 2009 best-of list…the most enthralling jazz is being created by artists well beyond the age of 60. …it does tell us that we have a lot to learn from our creative-minded elders. 1. Wadada Leo Smith, „Spiritual Dimensions“ (Cuneiform): Some of the densest avant- funk ever recorded is on the second disc, accentuated by Smith’s trumpet, which gets as harsh as Miles Davis at his most apocalyptic. The first disc is more in the vein of (by now) „conventional“ outside jazz — but it’s similarly inspired. There was no better display of where the music has been and where it can go. …”
– Bret Saunders, Denver Post, December, 2009

The first album is by his Golden Quintet. This disc is a modern/avant jazz release that has some distinctive electric touches and features many of the hallmarks of Wadada’s work; space, depth, melody and abstraction:
Wadada Leo Smith – trumpet
Vijay Iyer – piano, synthesizer
John Lindberg – bass
Pheeroan AkLaff – drums
Don Moye – drums

The second album is the first-ever release of Wadada’s Organic group and is a completely different creature. It’s a fully electric, four guitar, creative, bad-ass beast with slinky grooves, but the same creative hallmarks run through this set as well:
Wadada Leo Smith – trumpet
Nels Cline – guitar
Michael Gregory – guitar
Brandon Ross – guitar
Lamar Smith – guitar
Okkyung Lee – cello
John Lindberg – double bass
Skuli Sverrisson – electric bass
Pheeroan AkLaff – drums

The easiest comparison between the albums can be drawn by listening to the two different versions of the composition South Central L.A. Kulture, which appears at the last track by the Golden Quintet and as the first track by Organic; its inclusion here in two versions is a good example of how Smith’s compositions can mutate to embrace new settings.


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