Europe Jazz Media Chart, February 2018

Die Empfehlungen für den Februar und Musik von Mateusz Smoczyński, Fred Frith / Hans Koch, Snowpoet, Lera Gehner, Yoram Rosilio, Rudresh Mahanthappa, Christian Lillinger, Johan Graden, Peter Erskine, Thomas Strønen, Henri Texier, Fire !, Reigo Ahven.


Paweł BrodowskiJazz Forum (Poland):

Mateusz Smoczyński «Metamorphoses» (Zbigniew Seifert Foundation)



Paweł Brodowski comments:
An impressive first solo violin outing by Mateusz Smoczyński, a founding member of the now famous Atom String Quartet (and who for a few years was also a pillar of the Turtle Island Quartet) featuring his original compositions with a nod to his guru Zbigniew Seifert, but going beyond jazz into classical music and other genres. Hence the title „Metarmphoses”.

Rui Eduardo (Portugal):

Fred Frith / Hans Koch «You Are Here» (Intakt)


Mike Flynn, Jazzwise (U.K.):

Snowpoet «Thought You Knew» (Edition)


Mike Flynn comments:
A wonderful album that’s as much folk as it is jazz – but works perfectly in its own sound world with complete integrity and an immersive, understated power – Lauren Kinsella’s voice is spellbinding.

Anna FilipievaJazz.Ru (Russia):

Lera Gehner «Look into My Soul» (Bomba Piter)


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Anna Filipieva comments:
The new, high-voltage record from temperamental singer Lera Gehner, who is based in St. Petersburg, provides a hot treatment for cold Russian winter, completed with danceable grooves and spicy horn section work.

Jan GranlieSalt Peanuts (Norway-Denmark):

Yoram Rosilio & the Anti RuBber brAiN fAct0rY «Anti RuBber brAiN fAct0rY & Mar0kAït» (Le fondeur de son records)


Jan Granlie comments:
Anti Rubber Brain Factory is a wonderful collective that takes the legacy of some of the most exciting jazz one step further. A fantastic blend of the best jazz from the 60’s and folk music from North Africa, that fits perfect in the shadow with a glass of something fresh, on a hot day.

Christine StephanJazzthetik (Germany):

Rudresh Mahanthappa’s Indo-Pak Coalition «Agrima» (Mahanthappa’s Music)



Henning BolteJazzism (Netherlands):

Christian Lillingers Grund «C O R» (Plaist-Music)


Henning Bolte comments:
C O R is the new album of drummer Christian Lillinger’s seven-piece ensemble GRUND – something you should check out every way. It is a striking album bringing advanced music of a very own, no compromise approach with a strong signature. Decidedly conquering new grounds it boldly navigates a diversity of diverging forces and aggregation states – misty, spacey, jolting, hovering, shredding… Layers and textures permeate each other in flowing or fidgeting movements leading into remarkable condensations, expansions as well as stunning transitions. Lillinger’s taut composition grid strongly binds the musical capacities and energies of his six highly profiled fellow musicians and in return sets free those musicians’ astonishing musical fantasy and creativity – as unity a force like a twirling sandstorm. From a deeper ground then a kind of Spreewald Fight Song is resonating through it.

Magnus NygrenOrkester Journalen (Sweden):

Johan Graden «Olägenheter» (Moserobie)


Cim MeyerJazz Special (Denmark):

Peter Erskine New Trio «In Praise Of Shadows» (Fuzzy Music)

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Cim Meyer comments:
Peter Erskine is a highly esteemed percussionist with impeccable taste, but the quite extraordinary treat here is pianist and arranger Vardan Ovsepian, who has penned a collection of originals plus a stunning reharmonization of Chaplin’s Smile.

Lars MossefinnDag & Tid  (Norway):

Thomas Strønen Time Is A Blind Guide «Lucus» (ECM)


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Axel StinshoffJazz thing (Germany):

Henri Texier «Sand Woman» (Label Bleu)


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Luca VitaliGiornale della Musica (Italy):

Fire! «The Hands» (Rune Grammofon)



Madli-Liis PartsMuusika (Estonia):

Reigo Ahven Trio «Remember» (Fish Records 2017)




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