Henning Bolte: ART OF THE IMPROVISERS Guitarreros #2

Eine neue Ausgabe von Henning Bolte’s Radiosendung: The Art Of Improvisers

Guitarreros #2


Chrome Hill – Country Of Lost Borders. (Bolage) 
1   Dead Man Theme  

Humanization 4tet – Live in Madison. (Ayler Records)

2   Jungle Gymnastics  
3   Two Girls  


Luis Lopes Humanization 4tet. (Clean Feed) 
4   Cristadingo  
5   Big Love  


Big Bold Back Bone – Clouds Cues. (Wide Ear Records
6   Bristle Brush  
7   Slow Snow  
8   Nice Dive  


Luis Lopes Lisbon Berlin Trio – The Line. (Clean Feed)  
9   Dark Suite
10   Schwarzwald  


Chrome Hill – Country Of Lost Borders. (Bolage
11  Moonfog 

© Zusammenstellung: Henning Bolte / Foto: Fo_BO

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