The Wire: Emily Bick presents Adventures In Sound And Music

The 23 September edition of The Wire’s weekly radio broadcast on Resonance 104.4FM featured tracks by Tara Clerkin Trio, Phew, Kate NV, Pamela Z, Moor Mother, Anne Imhof, and more.

Tom Dissevelt & Kid Baltan
from The Fascinating World Of Electronic Music
(We Are Busy Bodies)

Patrick Shiroishi
“Tule Lake Like Yesterday”
From Hidemi
(American Dreams)

Anne Imhof, Eliza Douglas, Billy Bultheel
“Moshpit II”
From SEX

“Doing Nothing”
From New Decade

Tara Clerkin Trio
“Night Steps”
From In Spring
(World Of Echo)

Neil Luck
“Polka Dots And Moonbeams”
From Downturn Fantasies

Barry Gray
“Robot Man”
From Do What You Love: The Trunk Records 25th Anniversary Collection

Atakora Manu
From Omintiminim & Afro Highlife

Aksak Maboul
“Eyelids And Phosphenes (Aksak Reconstruction)”
From Aksak Redrawn Vol 1

Moor Mother (feat. Elaine Mitchener & Dudu Kouate)
“Clock Fight”
From Black Encyclopedia Of The Air

Akiko Yano
“What’s Got In Your Eyes”
From Ai Ga Nakucha Ne
(We Want Sounds)

“Mein Walkman Ist Kaputt”
From Eins Und Zwei Und Drei Und Vier – Deutsche Experimentelle Pop-Musik 1980-86
(Bureau B)

Ryuichi Sakamoto
“A Wongga Dance Song”
From Esperanto
(We Want Sounds)

Pamela Z
“Two Black Rubber Raincoats”
From Echolocation
(Freedom To Spend)

Kate NV
“D D Don’t”
(RVNG Intl)

Eivind Arset 4tet
“Didn’t See This One Coming”
From Phantasmagoria, Or A Different Kind Of Journey

Isildur’s Bane & Peter Hammill
“In Disequilibrium Part 3”
From In Disequilibrium

Art D’Ecco
From In Standard Definition
(Paper Bag)

“You You (Piloka Krach Mix)”
From M Sessions Vinyl 1: Monika Werkstatt

Sign Libra
From Salutations
(RVNG Intl)

“Rhododendron Part I”
From Rhododendron
(Hausu Mountain)

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