The Wire: Joseph Stannard presents Adventures In Sound And Music

The 15 December edition of The Wire’s weekly show on Resonance FM and Resonance Extra featured tracks by Obituary, Meredith Monk, Lori Goldston & Greg Kelley, Satoko Fujii and more…

“The Wrong Time”
From Dying Of Everything

Slumberland & Sainkho Namtchylak
“1000 Days”
From Lightkeeper

Beauty Pill
“Goodnight For Real”
From Blue Period
(Ernest Jenning Record Co)

Lori Goldston & Greg Kelley
“All Points Leaning In”
From All Points Leaning In
(Broken Clover)

Harvey Mandel
“Last Walk”
From Who’s Calling
(Tompkins Square)

Metal Preyers
“On Her Way”
From Shadow Swamps
(Nyege Nyege Tapes)

“Tips Zum Selbstmord”
From Tips Zum Selbstmord

Simona Zamboli
“Haunting Ruined Landscapes”
From A Laugh Will Bury You
(Mille Plateaux)

Meredith Monk
“Gotham Lullaby”
From The Recordings

“November 1971”
From Story We Tell Vol 1

Bardo Todol
“La Morsa Más Chiquita Del Mundo”
From Le Trompeta Morse Walrus Concreta

King Buffalo
From Regenerator

Jussi Lehtisalo
“Towards The Wall”
From I Might Be Stuck

The Album Leaf
“Magical LA Moments”
From Something In The Dirt OST

Satoko Fujii
“One Hundred Dreams, Part Five”
From Hyaku: One Hundred Dreams

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