TheWire: Meg Woof presents Adventures In Sound And Music

In der Ausgabe vom 19. Oktober der wöchentlichen Radiosendung von The Wire auf Resonance FM und Resonance Extra gab es Musik von Dirar Kalash, Laure Boer, Carla Bley, Mr AKA Amazing, Kirdec und anderen.

Dirar Kalash
“First Set”
From At The Chapel Of The Divine Child, Bethlehem University

Carla Bley

From Trios

Zoh Amba, Chris Corsano, Bill Orcutt
“What Emptiness Do You Gaze Upon!”

From The Flower School

Raphael Rogiński
From Talán
(Instant Classics)

“In Eternam”
From Pi

Genghis Cohn
From Iron Day
(Laura Lies In)

Tom Mudd
“Romantic Chord, The Brook And The Pool”
From Guitar Cultures

Paul Dunmall

From Bright Light A Joyous Celebration

“Ode To An Empty Street (Silent Treatment)”

From The Acceptable Circle Of Confusion

El Kontessa

From Now Habet Caramel

“Glossolalia II Surface Tension”
From Glossolalia


From Reimagining DB
(Kitty On Fire)

Laure Boer

From Chicanes
(Koala Prod)

Outside House
“Can You Call My Name”
From A Day Set Settling
(Self released)

Mr AKA Amazing
“Shape Of You”

From Think Big
(Self released)

“Echo, Bravo”

From Stratosphere (25th Anniversary Edition)
(Numero Group)

“It’s Genocide”

From Various Resist To Exist
(Avon Terror Corps)

Yokel x D HAM x Franco Franco featuring Sensational

From Parable Of The Empty Cup

From Lux Eterna

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