The Wire: Shane Woolman presents Adventures In Sound And Music: Amy Cutler special

In der Ausgabe vom 8. Februar der wöchentlichen Sendung von The Wire auf Resonance FM und Resonance Extra gab es einen speziellen Gast-Mix von Amy Cutler, sowie Tracks von Youmna Saba, Nadah El Shazly, Muqata’a und anderen.

By The Waterhole with Stephan Meidell
“Boll Weevil Holler”
From Three

Nadah El Shazly
“Breakup By The Sea”
From The Damned Don’t Cry [Original Score]
(Asadun Alay)

Youmna Saba
“Ahad أحد”
From Wishah وِشاح

The Electric Word
“Sequential Nirvana”
From The Electric Word

“Taqdirahu Anta تقديره أنت”
From La Lisana Lah

Iration Steppas & OBF
“Serious Dub”
From Serious Time

Buzz’ Ayaz
From Buzz’ Ayaz

Women From Cherkessk
“I Miss You”
From Ulyap Songs: Beyond Circassian Tradition

From Pruillip

Liliane Chlela
From Safala
(Asadun Alay)

“Global Logic Assault”
From Totally Recalled

DJ Lucky
“Demon Time”
From Triple 7

“Proper Tings”
From Arcade Addict/Proper Tings

“La Tierra”
From Family Album 2024
(Boomarm Nation)

Women’s Hour
“World Of Dreams”
From Women’s Hour

Amy Cutler Guest Mix

Amy Cutler “Tape Medley (Extract 1)”
Niwlio / Heavy Cloud “Seasonal Cassette Disorder”
Bremen Robots “Training Song 165 (Hark From The Tombs)”
Amy Cutler “Bremenbot Medley 1 (And Am I Born To Die)”
Pearls Before Swine “Full Fathom Five/I Shall Not Care (Live At The Anderson Theater, 1971)”
Meredith Monk “Fields/Clouds”
Natalia Beylis “Good Birds, Goodnight”
Delphine Dora “Primitive State Of Terror II”
Amy Cutler “Phonograph Medley (The First Sol/Everything In The Wind Of The Sun)“ Including Tempest, Garden In The Rain, Daffodil Don’t Be Afraid Of The Fall, Here Comes The Sun, And The Voyager Golden Record Recording Of Kinds Of Flowers”

© The Wire, 8.2.2024

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